On My Way Home!!!!


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My time in Japan is coming to an end.

You know what though?

I can honestly say i’ve enjoyed Japan, it’s people, the culture and food and just the different environment over the nastiness you see on a daily basis back in the US.   Which is a WHOLLE other topic I could write about for DAYS.  Being a Marine and having the room to say that about the US is bad, but look around….people are so fucking mean and nasty towards one another.  SMH

ANYYYWAYS…..as of this post (and it’s video) it’s T-minus 58 days till I actually live in the US again, keep in mind this will be a huge change for me considering I haven’t been home for longer than 16 days in 2 years so if your reading this…bear with me for a little while I adjust my ass to this new world we call home.   Yes yes, I will be attending SCMM this year and YES one of my first priorities is to go bike shopping, leave a comment below this post on whether I should get a Supermotard or a standard bike!!!!

Next week I’m actually going to be in Florida for my wedding, and i’m SOOOO excited for it!  It’s been a very very long year of planning, for not only me but also Mrs.Tank.  I will be going black for a little as my focus will be my family and honeymoon….oh you know it’s going down:)

After that ill be back in Japan for about 4 weeks to check out of my current unit and get everything packed up and ready to go.  Ill be driving across country with Mrs.Tank and stopping at major sights all across the country, I mean might as well enjoy it right?  During all that time ill be active on Instagram and twitter but i’m predicting thats going to be about it…..well I know it will be considering my computer will be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a shipping boat…….

I really hope you all enjoy this new site I have put together for you, trust me I love making it, and I love writing like this.  Kinda….puts us as a more personal level if that makes sense.

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One thought on “On My Way Home!!!!

  1. I agree with you about the US. Been in Germany for quite some time and it sickens me how our citizens are nasty, lazy and have a sense of entitlement. Welcome home, grats on the wedding and look forward to your vids.

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