5 Tips For Youtube Success Right NOW


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So a lot of people ask me how to grow your channel? I’ve been at YouTube for almost a year now and I’m reaching 10k super quick, which isnt bad considering im in the military and also overseas!! So. Here are 5 tips I use to get success right then and there!!!!

1.) BE ACTIVE!!! I swear I can’t count how many subscribers I’ve gotten by commenting back, and leaving funny comments on channels like Pewdiepie and various different larger channels. I have so many comments with well over 1000 likes and huge comment drop downs. They just naturally flow in after that!!!

2.) SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! Holy hell. Use social media like a drug. Seriously. Twitter and Instagram constitute 90% of my subscriber base on YouTube so far. And it’s because I use tags, stay active and post relative funny stuff. Seriously it’s so easy to get people. Remember tags are like a big billboard saying come watch my stuff!!!

3.) ADVERTISEMENT. No this is not paying for subs. No I have never done that or sub 4 sub bull crap. You’d be surprised how far 5-10 bucks goes on Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and Twitter. If you do it right you can reach thousands of new people everyday. I use Google Adwords with a $2 limit everyday and trust me that works wonders.

4.) CONTENT. Don’t half ass your videos. If you’re not satisfied why would we be? I make it a habit to watch the video 5 times back to back. If I lose attention or I can’t sit there and do it. Then I fix it and retry. Remember if you can’t stand your own video why would anyone else?

5.) SEO!! I can’t stress this enough. Researching Google SEO will do so much for you and your videos. Remember YouTube uses these things as a guide to rank your videos in search….title, description, thumbnail, video file name, and tags. Do your research every time you post a video and don’t post it until your video is optimized! This will be night and day shit for you channel and trust me I’ve half assed it once and then re did the titles and had instant results. It works. And I owe a lot of my view/sub rate to this along with social media!

Remember, YouTube is a whole net of stuff you need to do. It’s not just plug and play let’s go. IT TAKES WORK, AND TIME!

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