Veteran Suicide, I Challenge You! #22kill


Veteran Suicide, a topic that I hate is a topic but it’s real….and we need to build a support network for those struggling. 22 Veterans a day take their lives, that’s 8,030 lives lost every year.  Whether they are men or women from WWII to troops who joined last month.  A brother or sister lost […]

HoneyMoon at Disney and Key West!


Hey Fuckers!!!! Just got back from my honeymoon, getting back into the grind of youtube and also PACKING MY SHIT UP!!!! Yep thats right t-minus 32 days till this snake comes home and boy am I excited….just not for the 2.7k mile drive….bleh ANYWAYS! for the honeymoon the wife and I went up to DisneyWorld […]

On My Way Home!!!!


My time in Japan is coming to an end. You know what though? I can honestly say i’ve enjoyed Japan, it’s people, the culture and food and just the different environment over the nastiness you see on a daily basis back in the US.   Which is a WHOLLE other topic I could write about […]

5 Tips For Youtube Success Right NOW


So a lot of people ask me how to grow your channel? I’ve been at YouTube for almost a year now and I’m reaching 10k super quick, which isnt bad considering im in the military and also overseas!! So. Here are 5 tips I use to get success right then and there!!!! 1.) BE ACTIVE!!! […]