About The Snake

Hey guys welcome to the site!!!! IM SUUURE if you’re here you know who I am, but….if not here we go:)

The name is Tank Snake, I’m a motovlogger on YouTube and an Active Duty Marine off video.  I pride myself in community and I refuse to be that guy who grows but doesn’t bring his fans with him…NOPPE

I currently live in Japan BUT will be coming back to the USA VERYYYYY soon:)

I do not ride a bike currently because of my recent crash and upcoming move but you can expect either a Street triple or DS for my next bike<3

My Social media links are below so hit me up orrrr you can leave comments on here…but keep in mind the website is new to me so if I don’t respond right away you know why.

Here’s my channel trailer, be sure to go hit the subscribe button if you enjoy the edit!!!

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